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About Us

Welcome to eduPOP e-learning website specifically customized for Singapore primary and secondary school students.

We provide top quality curriculum-based e-learning courseware and e-assessments developed by professionally qualified experts with years of teaching experience in English, Mathematics and Science.

EduPOP e-learning courseware consists of fun and interactive tutorials, activities and quizzes aggregated from established content providers. The contents are topic-based covering the MOE syllabus in detail.

EduPOP e-Assessments are intensive topical and full examination papers following the assessment requirements set by MOE. Your child’s papers are automarked at the click of the button. You can track your child’s performance and diagnose areas of weaknesses.

We salute you, the parent, for taking the bold initiative towards cultivating your child’s love for learning and ensuring your child’s continual progress. Subscribe to eduPOP’s new and innovative educational program today!